Welcome to the Swansea Town Hall Residences.

The building is also known as the James T. Bonham Residences in memory of the last Reeve of the Village of Swansea.

The building is a non-profit apartment building. There are 68 units, both One-bedroom and Two-bedroom.

Swansea Town Hall Residences opened in 1993. Our mission is to provide good quality housing to seniors (currently 59 years of age or older). We are a non-smoking building located in a quiet residential community.

We have two (2) types of units.

Market Rent Units
There are market rent units. If you are interested in joining our waiting list, please fill out the application provided below.

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Rent Geared to Income
There are also Rent Geared to Income units (RGI). Approximately half of our 68 units are reserved for tenants requiring some form of subsidy. To access these units you must apply through Housing Connections.

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